Macon Construction Company Ltd was developed by Mr. Michael Alfred Boodoosingh with the core intention to address the growing issue of affordable homes, knowledge of building green and the high cost of building projects in all applications in Trinidad and Tobago and the Region, to address the concerns in the construction industry the only option was to seek into the international markets for proven building innovation and technology as a result Macon Construction Company Limited was incorporated with its core purpose to Build Green Today with Tomorrows Technology.

Macon Construction’s mission is to merchandise construction products for the Trinidad and Tobago market as well as the Caribbean market and the construction of housing/project solutions under the Macon Construction Innovative Building System , hence it participates on the innovation, design, manufacture and marketing of materials, components and equipment for the completion of projects.

Our company is the first construction company  in Trinidad and Tobago to assemble a whole fabricating system kit like, which principal value is the certified and quality of the product. We are focused on Green Building while balancing the engineering integrity in all our applications, this is all accomplished with cost savings mainly because of how less labor intensive our applications are. Macon’s initiative comes as a result of years of research in the Caribbean Market which shows a growing cost of labor in all our traditional methods of building,  weather type in our region, seismic movements, the need for sea blast resistance. All Macon’s applications is intended to result high wind speed resistance, seismic resistance, acoustic resistance, thermal resistance, energy savings, adaptable to designs, lighter materials, cost savings, time savings etc.